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Pink Moscato Lover Wine Tote - Hot Pink Canvas

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Are you a pink moscato lover? Or know someone who is?

Get this beautiful hand decorated wine tote bags Shown in hot pink cotton canvas. Decorated in vinyl by KiCrafts with the words, Moscato lover

This tote holds a standard wine bottle with a bit of room to spare. So it is fits 1.5 liter wine bottles as well. It is also perfect for non alcoholic sparking ciders too.

natural handles
made in the USA

For those times when you get invited for dinner and you want to bring a nice bottle of their favorite wine but you want to bring it in a nice tote but don’t have one....
Or you want to congratulate someone on a new job or engagement and wish you had a nice bag to present it.... Well, now KiCrafts has cotton canvas wine totes in a beautiful colors.

This tote is a winner because it is eco-friendly and can be used over and over again